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Pollywog was established in the early 2000's in order to provide our fellow enthusiasts with a reliable source of high quality captive bred Amphibians along with the information and specialist accessories required to maintain them in a happy and healthy manner.

Over the years our operation has expanded greatly and today we run a dedicated Amphibian breeding and product development facility situated at the foot of the Malvern Hills where we endeavor to produce the finest captive bred livestock and the most innovative and reliable range of specialist husbandry products available in today's market including specialist diets, automated misting systems, rain chambers, and natural terrarium decor / environmental enrichment.

On this site you will find information and details of our products, services, and some of our past, present & future captive breeding projects as well as a selection of introductory care guides, articles & photo galleries. We offer secure on-line ordering of our products and livestock utilizing popular payment methods such as PayPal & Nochex and employ a fully licensed 100% legal next-day courier service to deliver livestock direct to your door. Customers may alternatively collect orders by appointment from our offices here in Malvern, Worcestershire, England or at one of the numerous Breeders Meetings & Expo's we attend through out the year. Please note that due to bio-security measures we are unable to grant visitors access to our breeding facilities.


Aquarium_Amphibians eBay store - Top Rated Power Sellers

You can now find great deals on some of our specialist supplies via our Aquarium_Amphibians eBay store. At present we are listing items aimed at the more commonly kept aquatic Amphibians such as Axolotls & Clawed Frogs including our range of pelleted diets, & aquarium salts, and a small selection of Decor Packs aimed at both Terrarium & Aquarium decoration. We hope to expand the range into other easily posted items in the future so please be sure to check us out.


Pollywog Natural Decor products in Practical Fishkeeping Magazine

A selection of our natural decor range has been featured in this months Practical Fishkeeping Magazine (Issue 04, April '14). In his article Nathan Hill shows how our Coco Leaves, Savu Pods and Sapucaja Shells can be used in aquariums to create a natural looking biotope for Killifish and other jungle floor pond species, if scaled up this type of setup would be perfect for Surinam Toads (Pipa pipa) or Rio Cauca Caecilians (Typhlonectes natans), or could be incorporated into a large show pauldarium housing both fish & frogs so if you're looking for inspiration for your next natural looking aquarium or paludarium pick up a copy at your nearest news agents now.

Practical Fish Keeping April 2014


Doing our bit for Amphibian & Reptile conservation

Whilst many companies working in the pet trade like to make donations towards the plight of Amphibians in South America and other exotic parts of the world, the global decline in Amphibian & Reptile populations is just as evident here in the UK! At Pollywog we strongly believe that charity begins at home and after all if it weren't for my fascination with native Frogs & Newts as a child we would never be in the business we are today. Throughout the year we dedicate huge amounts of our time, resources, and experience as professional Herpetologists to aid local conservationists in an attempt to secure the future for wild Amphibian & Reptile populations here in our local area.

As members of the Herefordshire Amphibian & Reptile Team (part of the ARG UK network) we are actively involved in monitoring local populations, carrying out necessary habitat management works, and educating the public about our native Herpetofauna. If you would like to learn more about what we are doing to safeguard the future of Amphibians & Reptiles in the Herefordshire & Worcestershire area please get in touch we could always use more volunteers!

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Pollywog Natural Decor product reviews at

Our natural decor range is becoming a big hit with tropical fish keepers looking to create natural looking biotopes, last year our products had a number of favorable reviews from Practical Fish Keeping and now Aquarist Magazine have been kind enough to review a selection of our natural decor products. You can find their review at the following link:


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